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Must-Have Shooting Accessory

Perfect for various activities like recording videos and tutorials, taking video calls, content creation, selfies, group photos, working from home, vlogging, and taking crisp, clear shots every single time.

Don't You Hate Carrying Heavy Tripods?

Screwing a monopod selfie stick with a heavy tripod is a pain. Our lightweight travel tripod was compactly designed to save yourself the hassle of carrying bulky tripods or monopods. Simply unlock the feet and you now have a standalone selfie stick. There is no need for a separate selfie stick and tripod.

Take Your Photography Skills To The Next Level

The tripod feature helps to liberate your hands and provides excellent stability for you to easily snap long distances photos and videos using our Bluetooth remote shutter. You don't have to have a cameraman.

Why Choose Tripodly?

We are pleased to offer you one of the best all-in-one tripod stands on the market.

  • Bluetooth Remote Control

    Using the fast connecting Bluetooth, you can capture epic photos and videos at a distance up to 33ft/10m away. The remote supports both iOS (iPhone) and Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.) devices. 

  • Handy For Social Media

    Make sure you always have what it takes to take the best images and videos for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc.

  • Versatile Use

    You are able to adjust the head to literally any desired angle. Capture shots and videos both vertically (portrait mode) and horizontally (landscape mode).

  • Lightweight

    Weighing at only 1.05lbs/480g, our tripod presents an excellent ratio between weight and sturdiness. It is portable, compact, easy to carry around, and store.

Longest On The Market

Currently, we have one of the highest extendable poles in the category of lightweight tripods. Ultra-extendable at 68in/175cm, you can hardly tell it is a selfie picture you're taking. The height is completely adjustable from 25in/64cm to 68in/175cm to fully suit your needs.

No One Gets Left Out Of The Frame

Imagine taking memorable group photos without somebody having to be "out of the picture". You can capture epic photos and videos at a distance up to 33ft/10m away.

The Newest 2021 Model

The tripod features enhanced flip-lock system instead of the annoying twisting mechanism found on other similar tripods. It saves time and is much easier to extend and retract the center column. The wider base equipped with non-slip rubber feet improves stability and reduces wobbling for more reliability and safety of your expensive device.

Extremely Durable And Built To Last

The tripod is made out of heavy-duty aluminum and is incredibly resistant to impacts. Portability doesn't sacrifice build quality and firmness.

Universal Compatibility

The tripod head supports both phone and camera devices. The phone clip can fit various smartphone models as long as the device width is not wider than 3.94in/10cm. The head uses a standard 1/4" screw, so you can attach different types of cameras including compact ones, point & shoot, mirrorless, action cams, 360 cameras, DSLRs, video cameras, etc. Using the tripod mount adapter, you can attach various action cameras including GoPro.

Both the 360° phone clip adapter and the tripod mount adapter are included in the package.

What Makes Us Different?

Let's compare other brands vs Tripodly:

Complete Package

Here's what you will receive:

Extendable Tripod Stand With 1/4" Threaded Screw

Compatible with almost all smartphones and cameras, weighing only 1.05lbs/480g and completely adjustable from 25in/64cm to 68in/175cm.

Phone Clip Adapter

As long as your phone is not wider than 3.94in/10cm it will fit perfectly. The clip can rotate 360° so you can shot both vertically (portrait mode) and horizontally (landscape mode). It is unfolded via screw mechanism instead of the annoying spring-loaded one found on most phone mounts. Our mount clamps down your cell phone very well and keeps it safe and secure.

GoPro Tripod Mount Adapter

If you own a GoPro or similar action camera you can use this mount adapter to attach your cam to any tripod that uses 1/4" threaded screw. It is very convenient and straightforward to use.

Bluetooth Remote Shutter

As long as your phone supports Bluetooth connection and is version iOS 6.0 (released on June 11th, 2012.) and above or Android version 4.2.2 (released on February 11th, 2013.) and above, it should work perfectly. The range of wireless connection can be up to 33ft/10m and the remote supports both taking photos and starting video recordings. It works just like a shutter button on your phone. The remote battery (CR2032) is included in the package and can last up to 7 months.

What Our Customers Say:

I purchased this product to use it for my teaching job. I was immediately impressed with the packaging. The tripod is high as I am and very compact which is perfect for my needs. Works perfectly with my iPhone XR.

The best thing about it is the weight, the tripod is really lightweight and very maneuverable. You can use it as a tripod stand or selfie stick. I recommend this product very much. It was delivered to me through USPS in 3 days.

The tripod is brilliant. It has a great range of height adjustments that will fit any situation. I had no problem mounting my Panasonic DMC camera and my Samsung s8. Looking forward to getting a lot of use from it.

The base is sturdy even if you place it on the grass. The phone clip is totally adjustable to fit any smartphone. This tripod is extremely well designed and it's a lot more than can be expected for the price, relative to others.

We used the tripod to live stream and to talk to other members of our company. The tripod was spot-on… just the right height… easy to use… easy to store… It was exactly what we needed.

Want To Find Out More?

If you have any additional questions about the product, please visit our Product Support & FaQ page where we answer the most common questions and how to use our tripod.