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How to take photos like Instagram influencers?

Have you ever wondered how influencers take photos of themself? Most of them do not carry around a professional videographer with them so what's the trick? In this blog post, we will breakdown some tips and tricks on how you can take Instagram worthy photos.

  1. Have someone else take the photo - We had to mention this. In general, you look much better with a full-body shot, and having someone else take your photo will look more professional. 
  1. Invest into a quality tripod - When you don't have someone by your side or you wish to do it solo, a steady tripod comes super handy. Simply set up the tripod, strike a pose, and let the camera do the rest. Get yourself one that features adjustable height and allows you to fold it up for easy transport.
  1. Natural lighting - You always want to use natural light. Artificial light, such as indoor lamps or lights, will never look good. It makes everything harsh and washed out.
  1. Background - Simpler backgrounds usually look better than super cluttered backgrounds. Also, softly blurred backgrounds will always make the subject stand out.
  1. Avoid zoom - Zooming in can blur your image and decrease pixel quality although this will largely depend on your camera settings/mode, if the subject is moving, your autofocus function, etc. For the best quality possible try to avoid zoom.
  1. Edit your photos - This is a no brainer. These days using a simple photo editor and your phone camera can deliver amazing results. Play with saturation, shadows, brightness, contrast, sharpening, etc. If you really want to get those pro-level photos, we would always recommend Adobe Photoshop as it is one of the best photo editing software's out there. But, since it has a steep learning curve if you are a beginner, we would recommend apps like VSCO and Snapseed.
  1. Take your time - It might take you 50 shots to get the picture you want and half an hour of editing, but it won't go unrecognized. Better quality photos will make your Instagram profile stand out and get more engagement. Always remember that Instagram is entirely a visual platform where the news feed is completely filled with visuals.
We could write this post endless as there are dozens of tips o how to make your Instagram photos stand-out but these are some of our top picks. As always practice is important so get out there and start taking some amazing Insta-worthy photos.


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