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Why You Might Need A Lightweight Tripod While Traveling

A good quality tripod is a must-have accessory if you want to capture amazing photos on your trips around the world.

Your travel tripod should be both lightweight and sturdy to keep your camera/phone steady for producing epic landscapes and adventure images.
Here are some more specific reasons below:
  1. The tripod will help you take better, more professional photos. If you enjoy capturing sharp landscapes, time-lapse videos, impressive sunsets, or low light photos during your travel adventures, a good lightweight travel tripod is key. A tripod will let you set your camera/phone up at the perfect angle and height allowing you to photograph long exposures and achieve maximum sharpness.
  1. If you are traveling solo. A good tripod must also be capable of vlogging and shooting selfies when you're traveling solo. Photos taken on a tripod will look much more professional and natural than using a regular selfie stick, extending your arm as far as you can reach, or relying on strangers.
  1. To avoid blurry shots. Travel tripod can help you keep your camera/phone stable to avoid blurry shots due to unsteadiness and shake. It is almost impossible to hold a camera completely still for any length of time.
  1. To improve your photography skills and creativity. A tripod also opens up a world of creative options, allowing you to take photos that you simply wouldn’t be able to take without one.

What to look for in a travel tripod?
  1. Height - Not only how high does the tripod extend, but the minimum height as well. Your tripod must present an excellent ratio between height and sturdiness.
  1. Weight - The tripod must not be too heavy, you won’t want to lug it around all day through a city, or hiking trails. The key is again to find balance. A good travel tripod is portable, compact, easy to carry around, and store.
  1. Folding size - In terms of how small it folds up, we recommend a travel tripod that folds up to under 24in/60cm for ease of transport and luggage carry-on purposes.
  1. Sturdiness - A sturdy tripod is essential when shooting long-exposure images when any small vibration can blur the photo. The wider base equipped with non-slip rubber feet would improve stability and reduce wobbling for more reliability and safety of your expensive device.
To sum up, the best travel tripod has to be small enough to pack, light enough to carry and sturdy enough for shake-free photos!

There's a lot to think about, but if you choose right, you'll get an invaluable travel companion that offers valuable support when you need it.


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