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1. Does the phone clip holder support my phone („iPhone XX..., Samsung XX..., Huawei XX...“)?
Yes, as long as your phone is not wider than 3.94in/10cm it will fit perfectly.

2. Can I shot both vertically and horizontally?
Yes, both the phone mount and the tripod head support this feature. The clip comes with a pivoting arm that can rotate 360° and the tripod head can tilt 180° left and right, so you can shot both vertically (portrait mode) and horizontally (landscape mode).

3. Can it hold a cell phone with a thick case or OtterBox case?
Yes, as long as your phone is not thicker than 0.6in/1.5cm and wider than 3.94in/10cm it will fit perfectly. We advise measuring your phone dimensions before purchasing.

4. Does the cell phone holder keep my phone safe and secure?
Yes, the holder clamps down your cell phone very well and keeps it safe and secure. It also features inner padding to protect your device from scratches.

5. Is the phone clip holder spring-loaded?
No, the holder uses a screw mechanism to hold your phone in place. It is much more convenient to use than the spring-loaded ones.

6. Can I use the phone mount on other tripods, monopods, or selfie sticks?
Yes, you can as long as they use 1/4" threaded screw for mounting holders and adapters.

7. How long is the pole when fully extended?
It is extendable from 25in/64cm to 68in/175cm making it one of the highest extendable poles on the market in the category of lightweight tripods.

8. Can I mount my camera on the tripod?
Yes, you can. The head uses a standard 1/4" screw, so you can attach different types of cameras including compact ones, point & shoot, mirrorless, action cams, 360 cameras, DSLRs, etc.

9. Can I use my tripod outdoors?
Yes, you can, a light breeze won't knock it over. The wider base equipped with non-slip rubber feet improves stability and reduces wobbling for more reliability and safety of your expensive device. Please use your tripod on a stable surface. We wouldn't recommend placing a fully extended tripod on the ground when it is very windy outside.

10. Is the tripod waterproof?
Yes, just keep in mind to clean it and dry it out after use, especially if you're using it around saltwater since it can potentially corrode metal screws.

11. Can I position the tripod to shoot tabletop photos and videos?
Yes, you can, the tripod head can tilt 180° left and right, so you can position it at a 45° angle to shoot tabletop photos and videos.

12. Can I use the tripod with GoPro or similar action camera?
Yes, you can use the mount adapter to attach your cam to any tripod that uses 1/4" threaded screw. The tripod mount adapter is included in the package.

13. How much does the equipment weigh?
Here are the estimated weights of each part individually: tripod - 1.05lbs/480g, phone clip adapter - 0.16lbs/72g, Bluetooth remote shutter - 0.02lbs/10g, GoPro mount adapter - 0.05lbs/22g, Shoulder string bag - 0.06lbs/26g.

14. How does the remote actually work?
Most camera apps allow you to trigger the shutter by pressing the volume buttons. The remote takes advantage of this by sending a remote “volume up” signal to the phone, which then causes the camera to snap a photo. When no camera app is open, it will increase the volume setting on the phone. However, when a camera app is open, it takes a picture just as though you pressed the volume button.

15. Is the remote control shutter compatible with my phone („iPhone XX..., Samsung XX..., Huawei XX...“)?
Yes, as long as your phone supports Bluetooth connection and is version iOS 6.0 (released on June 11th, 2012.) and above or Android version 4.2.2 (released on February 11th, 2013.) and above, it should work perfectly. Also as long as the camera in the app you wish to use can be triggered by pressing the volume buttons, the remote should work with it.

16. Do I need to have WiFi, 4G, or installed apps for the remote to work?
No, you don't, although if you're using an older phone model or Windows phone, they might don't work with the remote due to the fact that the native camera app’s shutter is not released by pressing the volume buttons. An app that allows you to use the volume buttons to trigger the camera may work. The best apps to solve this problem are "Camera360" and "Open Camera" app. Both of them are available on Apple Store and Google Play.

17. How long is the range of wireless connection?
The range of wireless connection can be up to 33ft/10m.

18. Can I use the Bluetooth remote to start or stop video recording?
Yes, the remote supports both taking photos and starting video recordings. In order to begin recording a video, you must first set your phone to video mode. This must be done manually since the remote shutter only has one button, which will trigger the camera for whatever mode it is set to. Please note that you can't pause video recordings.

19. Can I shot in Burst mode, also called continuous shooting mode?
Yes, you can. Simply hold down the remote button and the device will take several shots that are captured in quick succession.

20. What type of battery does the remote use?
The remote uses a small button battery CR2032 that is included in the package. The battery can last up to 7 months and is very easy to replace.

21. How do I set-up my tripod?
The tripod is very easy to set-up. Unscrew the base locking knob and release the leg section. To release them, simply slide the locking knob downwards until the legs are fully spread. To keep them stable and secure, screw-back the base locking knob tightly. To adjust the height pull each flip-lock and extend the pole. The tripod features 3 flip-locks in total so you can adjust the height to fully suit your needs. To lock the pole, push the flip-locks back.

22. How do I mount my camera?
If you are using a camera that supports 1/4" threaded screw, simply screw the hole on the bottom of the camera to the tripod head and rotate clockwise until tight. A very convenient head rotating plate will help you with this. To capture photos and videos both vertically (portrait mode) and horizontally (landscape mode), unscrew the neck rotating knob and tilt the head 90° left or right. To keep the head secure, screw-back the rotating knob tightly.

23. How do I mount my phone clip adapter?
The phone clip adapter is mounted the same way as the cameras, by using the 1/4" threaded screw and rotating clockwise until tight. There are two options to mount the phone clip: screw directly to the tripod with pivoting arm or remove the clip from pivoting arm and then mount on the tripod. The pivoting arm enables you to easily rotate your device 360°. If you wish to use the clip without the pivoting arm, you can still use the head's 180° tilt feature to rotate your device from landscape to portrait mode. To remove the clip from the pivoting arm, unscrew the rear screw until it detaches.

24. How do I attach my phone to the phone mount adapter?
Unscrew the top screw of the phone clip adapter and the two ends will start separating. Put your phone in between the two ends and screw-back the top screw tightly. Please be careful not to put too much pressure on your device.

25. How do I connect my phone with the remote control?
Turn on the Bluetooth on your device. Make sure your device is set to discoverable, meaning visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices. Switch the remote switch to on and the red light will start flashing. Search for the available devices on your phone. Tap on the "Remote Shutter" device found by your phone. The phone will now be in pairing mode. Wait a few seconds and the "Remote Shutter" will state "Connected". Now open your camera app and test the remote by clicking on the center button. You won't have to go through this process every time because your phone will remember the "Remote Shutter" device and will automatically pair.

If you have any additional questions about our tripod, please contact our support team.